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Auction Sniper Help

What does Auction Sniper do?

Auction Sniper is an eBay sniper that automates the process of placing your eBay bid in the closing seconds of any eBay bidding auction, dramatically increasing your chance of winning. We keep it simple: you tell us what you want to win, and we snipe eBay for you.

How much does Auction Sniper cost?

Auction Sniper gives each new user 3 free snipe credits. Each free snipe credit is good for one winning snipe. After these are used up, we charge a modest fee of 1.5% of the final auction price, with a minimum of 35¢ and a maximum of $14.99 for each auction that we help you win.

If you use a credit card, Auction Sniper will automatically bill your account monthly. If you prefer, you can manually add a balance to your account using PayPal. Find out more on our Pricing page:

To get more free snipes, just refer your friends and neighbors to sign up with us. Each sign-up will net you 3 free snipes and of course they get 3 free snipes for trying us too. Everybody wins!
Use this link:

How do I pay my bill?

Log in to your account. Next, hover over the "My Snipes" tab and select “Balance."

The "Payment" tab will display and you can select your payment method.

To pay by credit or debit card (we accept Visa or MasterCard), click the "Add" button under "Credit Card Information." Next, enter your information and click "Save."

Once the credit card information is saved, you may continue sniping.

To pay using PayPal:

Click the "Make Payment" button under "Pay With PayPal," and pay the $5 minimum from your account.

Be sure to put your eBay and Auction Sniper username in the "Username" field. Note that pending payments and e-checks are not credited instantly. Please wait 2 hours before contacting our Customer Support Team about your payment. PayPal states its payment notifications can take that long to send.

What are the risks of sniping?

There are risks to sniping. No service or software guarantees your wins. Here‘s the link to our page on this:

Why do you require I link my eBay account?

Auction Sniper is not associated with eBay in any way. Auction Sniper acts as your bidding agent. To do so, your Auction Sniper account must be securely linked to your eBay account.

Where can I find more information?

For information on joining Auction Sniper, please check out our membership terms.

If you would like to know about Auction Sniper and your privacy, see our privacy policy.

Our help page contains information about the site, how to join, and the login process.

What happens if two Auction Sniper users bid on the same item?

Although the probability of this happening is very small, we have developed our software to give bidders an equal chance of winning in all possible cases.

In most cases, it’s very simple. The bidder with the highest max bid will win.

Can I bid using non-U.S. currency auctions?

Yes - We snipe in the currency of the auction. That‘s actually how eBay has it set up. No conversion is going on. So if the auction is in GBP, AU$, Euros or whatever---that‘s what your bid is in. Note there are no currency symbols anywhere but on our Balance page, which is for billing. Our billing is in USD, but all bids are in the currency of the auction.

Do I have to leave my computer on for Auction Sniper to place a bid?

No - Auction Sniper makes sniping on eBay auctions as easy as placing a bid, anyone can do it! Since we snipe eBay from our servers your computer doesn't even have to be on and there is no complicated software to learn. Our bid sniper server will snipe eBay just a few seconds before the auction ends, so you can rest easy.

What does Auction Sniper do with personal information?

Auction Sniper will never give out your private information. Please review our PRIVACY STATEMENT.

What is the ideal lead time?

Auction Sniper is a tool used to implement your bidding strategy. Ultimately, it is your strategy that will dictate the ideal lead time for your bid.

No service or software guarantees your wins. Read more information about using a sniping service to bid.

In the unfortunate event that your snipe resolves with a "Did Not Win" or "Not In Time" message, you can report this error for a free snipe credit.

Can Auction Sniper place bids at other auction sites?

Auction Sniper only works on eBay sites, both foreign and domestic.

What if I place one bid using eBay by hand, and another one using Auction Sniper? Will Auction Sniper place a bid so that I outbid myself?

If you add a snipe to our system, we will attempt to place your bid on eBay. Given the short time periods we work with, we do not check who is the current high bidder on eBay before attempting to place a snipe on your behalf. However, in most cases, your snipe will not "bid up" a manual bid you placed on eBay.

Due to the rules of eBay's proxy bidding system, it is possible to increase the winning amount paid for an auction if your maximum snipe amount is greater than your maximum proxy bid on eBay. However, the circumstances that result in that behavior are uncommon and will never increase the final price by more than one eBay bid increment.

To avoid this scenario, only place bids through Auction Sniper. If you do place a bid on eBay and Auction Sniper for the same item, be aware there is a chance eBay may take advantage and increase your winning bid amount.

I sniped at the right time! What happened to my snipe?

Our snipe servers try to adjust for eBay server lag and internet lag, so that eBay processes your snipe with the lead time you’ve specified. However, although the vast majority of snipes do go through on time, eBay can take longer (or shorter) to process your snipe. In addition, eBay will often take even longer to process your bid during peak hours: you might want using slightly higher lead times between 5 and 10pm Pacific Time, particularly on Sunday evenings. Using a 7-12 second lead-time is highly recommended during that time.

How come I’m outbid but my snipe doesn’t know it yet?

We check if you are outbid as follows:
If the item ends within 30 minutes, we may check every 10 minutes
If the item ends in an hour, we may check every 20 minutes
If the item ends in a day, we may check every 12 hours
If the item ends in 7 days, we may not check yet.

Please note that you can click on "Update Prices" just above your snipes, and it will give you this information immediately, so you're only one click away from the information you want.
Also, during peak hours, especially Sunday evenings, our message server can fall behind. Of course, you don’t have to wait for the server to catch up: you can just click on the item in the snipe and go straight to the auction to know how you made out.

How did I lose when I was the high bidder? Why does it say bid too low?

You may indeed have had a slightly higher bid, but eBay has minimum bid increment requirements.

For U.S. go here: and for UK go here: and you‘ll see how you lost out. You can also click on the confirmation link to the right of your snipe (click on Lost) for eBay‘s message back to you on this.
Find out how it’s possible to lose by less than one increment:

What is Qualys SECURE?

Qualys SECURE makes Web sites secure from hackers and certifies it to their customers with a Qualys SECURE certification mark. Qualys ScanAlert certification protects millions of shoppers every day at thousands of retail ecommerce Web sites. Appearance of the certification mark indicates that these sites are compliant with the highest federal Web site security standards, as well as Visa’s Cardholder Information Security, MasterCard’s Site Data Protection and American Express’ data security programs.

Can I cancel a snipe?

Yes, you can cancel a snipe up to 5 minutes before we place your bid. Here's how you do it:

Log in to your account to display the "My Snipes" tab. Click on the "Active" tab if it does not automatically display. Next, find the snipe you want to cancel. To the right of the product title, you'll notice a red X. Click on it to cancel your snipe.

Canceled snipes will appear on the "Archived" tab and will not be placed if canceled in time.