Auction Sniper

Automated Sniping for eBay Auctions

Auction Sniper Help

Let's Get Started

1. Search and locate the item you want on eBay. Make sure to note the item number.

The eBay Item Number is Located Somewhere on The Right Side of The Page, Next to the Item Information.

2. Add your snipe. Enter your max bid, lead time, then hit add.

You can place your snipe on the mysnipes.aspx page. Tip: You can also use Snipe it Now to place snipes while on eBay.

3. You can view your snipe on the My Snipes Page.

Your My Snipes page allows you to see all current and past snipes placed. Bid Groups can help you win the item you want.

4. Start winning. We do the work for you.

Auction Sniper will let you avoid bidding wars, and gives you the best chance at winning the item you want at the price you want. Tip: Auction Tips will improve your chances of winning.